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Baby time...

> From: Nick Van Houte <nvanhoute@macnet.com>
> Well I would like to announce that at 7:40 P.M. PST AUG 14th
> My wife produced 1 Baby Boy at 7.8 pounds and 21 in long
> his Name is Dustin Andrew and all is healthy,

Con - absolutely - gratulations!!
> The Bad news:
> Just a few minutes after The Baby came I Squimishly went out to the
> parking lot to get some fresh air, felt dizzy saw my quattro went to
> open the door to sit down and Puked all over the side of it. Including
> my shoes

a)  Don't worry about it; you're entitled!!
b)  You will have equally weird things INside your car and on your 
shoes before that little sprat grows up!
c)  It's worth it!!!!!!
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