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Re: Identification & some silliness

> (BTW: Overseas members also get votes, can propose, be proposed, etc.  We
> have to work out how to deal with this.  The Annual General Meetings are 
> _very_ interactive and committed affairs - postal participation would not
> really be adequate.)

I find it interesting how a foreign-run club is willing to work out a way so
us Merkins can participate while our US-run club is trying to figure out how
to limit our participation to the legally mandated minimum.  Hmmm...

BTW, I wrote a three-page letter to Scott Thiss of QCUSA on August 2nd about
the problems I have with the club's operations, election procedures, etc.  I
have yet to receive any response (which doesn't surprise me) and I intend to
post a copy of it to the list on Monday for discussion purposes.  Regardless
of the outcome, though, I've decided to hedge my bets and put a check in the
mail to Dave Lawson to join the UK club ... at this point, they seem quite a
bit more interested in having me as a member than QCUSA despite the fact the
Atlantic ocean and most of the North American continent lies between us!

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