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re: I5 revival

>>There is already new I5 available in Europe, but it is a diesel. A
>>wonderfull engine, 5 cyl,
>>2.5L, turbo, 150 hp, TDI (direct injection). The first quattro diesel ever
>>made is also available, it is an A6.  
>>V. Jokic
>>St. Catharines
>(1) Is this the same TDI that is available now in the Passat?
>(2) I was told, or read somewhere, that diesel engines are made more robust and
>last much longer than gasoline engines. Since I barely understand much about
>gasoline engines, I shrudder to ask. BUT.. if somebody could shed light on
>this. We used to own a MB 300TD. It started poor as all hell in the winter,
>and was slow as a dog. Yet.. the car fascinated me. 
>I just don't understand the technology I guess. For instance, why is it better
>for truckers to run their diesel engines all night long and not shut them off?
>Yet, with gasoline engines... we don't exactly leave 'em parked in the driveway
>idling all night. What's going on here?
>Oh.. and what the heck is a glow-plug anyway?
>                               -Osman Parvez
>                                89 200q
>                                Albany NY

I do not think that  new Audi I5 diesel is the same like Passat engine. Most
likely Passat has a 1.9 L, TDI, 4 cyl engine. 

Diesel engines have long stroke and excellent torque at low RPM. The mileage
is phenomenal, for example A6 with 2.5 L TDI does not take more than 60% of
fuel needed for an A6 with 6 cyl gas engine. 
Excluding minor dificulties during the winter and noise, 2.5 L 5 cyl TDI
would be an excellent choice:
unbeatable economy, long lasting, much simplier to maintain than gas engine,
good power and endless torque.

Turbo diesel with direct injection, TDI, ( fuel goes directly into
cylinders, not into pre-chambers) will start much easier during the winter,
than a conventional diesel with pre-chambers.
Diesel engines in small cars are not very similar to those in trucks.
Although the principle is the same, small engines are designed to rev to
area of 5000 RPM, the compresion is much higher  (20:1 to 30:1), while
compresion on the trucks is < 20:1, and RPM <3000.
The only reasons why truckers leave their trucks to idle all night during
the winter is chip fuel in North America and difficulties during the start
in a winter morning. I have not seen too many trucks running all night long
in Europe (price of fuel 2.5-3 times higher).

I do  not think that Audi diesel will be available in North America anyhow.
Diesel engines are very popular in Europe (at least 30% of new car
market).Americans do not like them, there is no such an engine made by  GM,
Chrysler or Ford (except for pick up trucks), and very few of them are
imported from Europe (VW and MB only).   

Vlajko Jokic

St. Catharines