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Re: A8 in Raleigh/Durham area soon???

At 06:04 PM 8/18/96 -0700, you wrote:
A couple of months ago I went to Loeber Motors Mercedes/Audi dealer in
Lincolnwood, IL with my dad. They had an A8 4.2 in the showroom. It seemed
to me it was from Canada because the speedometer was in Km and it had the
tiptronic shifting.  The car looked really nice.  I sat in it but didn't get
a ride in it.  It had a lot of cool options. Just my 2 cents.

>I was in Raleigh yesterday doing the shopping rounds with the Mrs., and 
>part of the agreement was I could run over to the dealer and check out 
>their inventory.  I was told by the salesman at Leith Audi in Cary, 
>NC., so let your conscience be your guide) that they will have an A8 on 
>display sometime in October.  Seems the ad agency AoA uses is either in 
>Raleigh, or has a branch ofice.  At least that is the reason they say 
>they will have one on display. Don't know anymore details than this.  
>I won't be back in that area for a while so I'll probably call the 
>dealer in early October to see if it's still a go. 
>89 200tqw