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(Fwd) Re: How does the hood release work on 85 A4Q? (and much

Subject: How does the hood release work on 85 A4Q?  (and much much more!)

Fellow Audi slaves,


Next, can anyone help me repair my hood release?  My hood release cable
broke at the handle.  I got a complete replacement handle and cable to
install, but when I tried to open my hood (with a pliers on the wire stub),
I found that only the front right latch released.

The left latch is controlled by a metal rod which has a hoop in the 
end of it.  The white plactic part you mentioned (looks like a golf 
tee with a hole in it) *must* pass through this hole.  If it is not 
in this hoop, no amount of pulling on the wire will open this latch.
If you look through the grill near the top left corner of the 
radiator, you will be able to see this rod and hoop set up.  Push it 
towards the center of the car with a screwdriver, and it will 
release.  If you can not find it through the grill, it is also 
accessible from the bottom of the car.  If the plastic piece is not 
in place, you may have trouble getting the right latch to release 
also.  The right latch can be released with a screwdriver also.  
Although the control rod looks a little different.  Once you have the 
hood open replaceing the cable is pretty straight forward.  Be sure 
that you put the white plactic piece on the cable before you thread 
the cable over to the right side.  Also there are some (3 if I 
remember correctly) plastic clips mounted to the radiator support, 
make sure that the cable passes through these (can be a royal pain).

good luck