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Re: Power windos

In a message dated 96-08-19 16:21:48 EDT, SHEF@omdc.gso.uri.edu (Sheffield
Corey) writes:

<< To:	mtipton@netten.net (mtipton)
 CC:	QUATTRO@coimbra.ans.net (QUATTRO)
 >As for the switches, get them from a salvage yard.....
 >their outrageously priced new, from the dealer.
 Rumor(rumour, for our Euro. friends) has it these switches can be removed,
 opened up (carefully, so as not to lose tiny pieces), cleaned and/or
 reassembled and reinstalled.  >>

The current issue of "VW and Audi Car," an enthusiast's magazine from the UK
has an illustrated article on switch disassembly and repair for Audi
instrument panel switches.  It probably  has enough generic information to be
of use in this case.  Saw it in the local Barnes & Nobel.