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NE Audi Outing

It was a sucsess! We all seemed to have a great time.

It was held at Lime Rock Park, where the quattro club is holding the two day
drving school on Monday and Tuesday. Sunday was registration and tech
inspection. We invaded/joined in with them.

Had a great turnout, combined with the people registering for the driving school
(which made up a large amount of the group) there were probably 50 cars or so.
Let's see, coupes - about ten or fifteen, 5000's, 100/200's - about 25, S4's -
about 10, wagons - about 10, 4KS's- about 15, 80/90's - about 15, A4's -1, A6's
- a couple, what else did I miss? Couple guys showed up with car carriers
trailering their coupes. Some looked pretty serious.

People from the list included (probably missed one or two):

Paul, Lynn and Evan Waterloo - Colchester, CT, 91 200q
James and Resea Dean - Poughkipsee, NY, Audiless (maybe a new V8 is in order)
Andrew and Angela Duane - Perry, NH, 90 90q20v
Glen Powell - CT, 92 S4
Gary and Bryan Steinbrueck - Wuppiugus, NY, 86 5KS
Jerry Goodman - Brooklyn, NY, 87 5KSTQ
Nick and Adrienne Pinto - New Rochelle, NY, 93 S4
Alan and Bev Tackman - Stamford, CT, S6 Avant
Lorens and Cindy Kulla - Moosup, CT, 91 200q
Johnathan Fenton - Montpelier, VT, 93 S4
Ernest Wong - Somewhere in NY, 5KS
Osman Parvez - Loudonville, NY, Friends Honda, clutch slave cyclinder went south
Chris Lemon - Johnson City, NY, 90q
Shef Corey - Wilrford, RI, 87 5KSTQ
Bob D'Amato - Meriden, CT, 90 20v 90
Neil Swanson - CT 87 5KSTQ
Glen Powell - NY, big camper
Wendy Weintraub - Weston, CT, 90q

Everyone got there and unloaded food. Osman's 200q's clutch slave cylinder gave
out in Hartford the night before and his friend's house, he borrowed a Honda and
got there, with the grill. Kudos Osman!

We set up the grill at this small exsisting table right where everybody was
pulling in. Most everybody there did not know we were with the List. They all
went into a clubhouse to register. Some walked to the infield and had luch at
the lunch counter at Lime Rock.

HOWEVER, most saw our grill smokin' away on the way over there. A lot had
confused looks on there face and thought it was for them. We all said, come on
over, join in with us, and we feed at least as many people from QCUSA as
compared to our number. It was a lot of fun!

Andrew and Angela Duane brought some zuchinni that looked as if had been growing
in a field adjacent to a nuclear power plant, we cut them up, threw them on the
grill and everybody ate them! James Dean brought some hot pepers we roasted, and
we all had hamburgers, hot dogs and brats. Alan and Bev Tackman brought some
really good gourmet chicken, Nick Pinto brought about 20 pounds of lunch
meat/cheese and bread. 

We also had chips, pickles, soda, beer, wine, cookies, and assorted other stuff.
Everybody ate with us, QCUSA or not! I imagine today at the driviing school
the'll be saying "who were those people".

We washed, HD cleansed and waxed Shef Corey's hood on his pearl 87 5KSQ. His car
is super straight in excllent condition and the HD cleanse did it well. However,
pearl paint jobs don't see the huge change with the HD cleanse when in direct
sunlight. He thanked me nicely for waxing his hood with a very nice wheel
cleaning brush that he bought and couldn't use becuase of his wheel
configuration. Thanks Shef!

We then HD clenased Chris Lemon's trunk lid on his 90, which had two oxidized
sections about the size of a baseball. Ya know, it doesn't look like the
original paint anymore. His car is Dark Marroon. It almost completely removed
the oxidized paint except for a little section about the size of your thumb deep
in the paint. You'd never notice it. His whole hood is abundent with these
marks, I'm sure he'll be getting some of it.

After my wife got pissed at me for not watching my 2.5 year old, we cleaned up
and packed up. I even got to meet Karen Chadwick, she did not know we were

Left about 4:45, got there about 12 noon, had a great time.

Next time let's do it at a park, we need to be able to take our cars out and
show them off to each other. We all had a great time, there were a great bunch
of people there.

We need to plan a follow up.



91 200q