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Cold Start Problem '88 90Q 143K miles

I just changed 3 window switches and found out another is bad.  I bought
them from Max at AVS 360.748.8578 ($24 new, $12 used).  I've also changed
my driver's side door lock too with the new updated part.

I am having a cold start problem and I was having rough idle.  I changed
the plugs (W7DTC), cap, and rotor (all Bosch from IPC) and O2 sensor,
which eliminated the rough idle.  I still have a cold start problem.
I thought about changing spark plug wires for some Blue Ignitors from
Rapid Parts, does anyone have any experience with these?  Should I just
stick to Bosch wires or am I really getting my money$ worth and extra
horsepower?  I thought there could also be a bad ground???  TIA it would
be nice to go on a date without having my date worry about being stuck and
having to push ;) !

Nathan Belo
'88 90Q  with fresh PBR Metal Masters to thrash at Bremerton Speedway