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Anyone want an S6 Wagon?

Anyone want an S6 Wagon?

My stay in Utah was great.  Went to almost every wrecking yard in the Salt
Lake/Orem/Ogden area.  Saw some neat stuff (see my other post), but by and
large, the wrecking yards there are unsophisticated (sp?).  Saw some crazy
things that they would NEVER do in a Portland wrecking yard (20v motor
sitting in the dirt, uncovered among some 16v Saab and Volvo engines).

Didn't see too many Audis, but did see a used S6 wagon at Dave Strong
Porsche Audi VW - Salt Lake City, (801) 531-9900.  He was closed on Sunday,
but I'll be back there in 2 weeks if anyone wants me to take a look at it.
I thought it was brand new, but it's also in his used car ad in the paper.
Silver exterior.

BTW, beer was plentiful.  The Outdoor Retailers conference closed down 4
city blocks around the local microbrewery and gave out free beer to all
conference pass holders.  I got my pass the day of the party, but missed it!
Didn't hear about it until the next morning!


John Karasaki

The Karasaki's, proud owners of AUDI automobiles

1981 Coupe
1982 TQC
1984 5000S Wagon
1990 V8