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Re: Imparts oil drain valve p/n confusion

Hairy green toads from Mars made Peter Schulz say:

> I ordered the snazzy oil drain valve from Imparts.  The one
> that they sent me, p/n f106, is too small  (diameter).  It looks
> to me the size of the standard VW oil pan plug (about 1/2 inch).  
> Does anyone have the real part number?  Imparts said that the
> F106 was the correct number, however the package said ;
> "for all audi except Super 90 and V8".
> The drain plug for my car is about 25.4 mm (1 Inch) in diameter.

You have the larger drain plug from the 20V engines (and I guess the
V8's). Angela's 90Q20V has this one, too. It is quite different from
the smaller one on my 100Q. 

Return it to Imparts, and tell them you have a "super 90".
Then let me know how it works, since I want to order one for
Angela's car. I hate drain plugs.....


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