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88 80: Dash switch disassembly

Hi fellow Audians,

I recently read some postings about taking dashboard switches apart. This
reminded me of something: is the rear screen heater switch (on the dash) of
my 1988 80 supposed to be lit when the heater's on? This switch is of the
'flush push in-push out' type, it's in a row of several under the vents in
the centre of the dash. The rear fog light switch next to it *is* lit, but
the heater switch hasn't been lit since I got the car a year ago.
If it's *supposed* to be lit, which I think it is, what would be the
procedure for taking it out, taking it apart and replacing the bulb, if
such a thing is possible? Does taking a switch apart mean that extremely
small parts will be catapulting around my head, ending up in the least
accessible place (BTDT with my old Jetta, took me three hours to find the
parts and reassemble the @#$% switch)? I've tried some things, but I cannot
even figure out how to remove this switch from the dash without reverting
to violence. And we all know that violence and Audi problems do not

If anyone on the list has ever tried to dismantle these things (I believe
they're not common to other Audi types except the 90) please give me some
pointers. I'd like to get it functioning to remind me to switch it off!

Waiting for your hints,

1988 80 1.8S FWD

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