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buying used: Audi 80, 1986-1994

In this week's edition of the german 'AutoBild' magazine was a very clear
and concise sum-up of what to look for when buying a used 80 of '86-'94
Although it's euro-centred (no mention of quattro-specific things, for
instance) it's also a very good guideline for mechanical ailments. Next
week they're going to do the Audi 100. The data for this series comes from
Germany's largest insurer for second-hand car buyers (you buy a car from a
private seller, and 'insure' your own warranty). They outline where most
warranty claims on this model come from.

Is anyone interested in a translation of this info? I for one would welcome
its addition to the archives. I would be willing to translate and post this
and following articles, and add a little of my own experience with this

Any takers? Just drop me a line and I'll start typing...

1988 80 1.8S FWD

PS height adjustable headlights are compulsive here as of 1/1/96, even on
Ferraris and the like, who rarely tow a caravan or have rear seat
passengers and a full trunk.
Makes headlight units extremely expensive to buy!

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