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Re: Q Flood

The same thing has happened to me, and I was plenty worried.
Turns out that the problem was clogged AC drain tubes. All of the
condensation from the AC was filling the resevoir/catcher and overflowing.
Every time I made a hard right my leg would get wet!
See if theyre plugged up (leaf bits, crud, etc.) and blow them out with
compressed air (or clean it out with a wire). 
Not a bad time to add some disenfectant to the resevoir to kill any
lingering bacteria that could be there.
NB: this was on a VW, so YMMV.  I think that this is the problem though.


At 12:21 AM 8/21/96 -0400, you wrote:
>The floor on the passenger side of my '87 4Q is soaked!  It appears to be
>water, but does not smell, taste, or look like antifreeze.  Is it possible
>that the heater core has gone south?
>Never heard of this happening on the 4000.  What's a new core cost these
>days?  Does installation require breaking something?  Any tips, thoughts,
>insights, condolences glady accepted.
>The usual thankz, etc.
>Duane Hale
>San Diego
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