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RE: A8, RS2, etc.

What's this RS2 in PA stuff? More info!!!


Ian Duff, 1990 Coupe quattro 20v, Red/Black

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>From: 	Charles A. Schliebs[SMTP:Charles_A._Schliebs@jonesday.com]
>Sent: 	Tuesday, 20 August, 1996 05:39 PM
>To: 	quattro-digest
>Subject: 	A8, RS2, etc.
>I was planing on lurking for a month, and reading all archives before
>anything, but I saw the posting about the A8 being seen at a US
>dealership and 
>I thought I could contribute.  At least two very nice, new, European
>spec A8's 
>(one a 4.2 quattro and the other a 3.7 front wheel drive) are going
>from dealer 
>to dealer.   They came through the Pittsburgh area two weeks ago,
>spending one 
>or two days at each of the dealers.  At the dealer a block away from my
>company in Sewickley, PA, anyone could drive them.  The speedos were in
>only, and they didn't have side airbags and some other features of the
>US bound 
>cars.  They were carrying Michigan manufacturer's plates.  The only
>other A8 in 
>the US of which I am aware has been driven here in Pittsburgh for the
>past year 
>or more by Paul O'Neill, CEO of Alcoa, with which Audi dveloped the
>chassis, etc.     
>If anyone is interested and the story has not been told on the list
>yet, I 
>would be glad to tell you about the RS2 that lurks the streets of
>and surprises a lot of people with its 300 hp 
>"Powered by Porsche" engine.   
>Last comment:  re the dual exhausts on an S6--could it be possible that
>it was 
>one of the V8 powered S4/S6's from Europe?  After having been in an RS2
>Sewickley, anything is possible.
>By the way, great list. Charlie Schliebs   caschliebs@jonesday.com