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Re: V12? Why not V10 twin-turbo?

>	Actually, the Rover V-8 descends from the Buick aluminum V-8 of
>the early '60s.  The tooling was sold to Rover, who have used it for years
>in the 3500, adn now the Land Rover.  It is also the same engine that was
>used in the TR-8.  It's a pretty nice engine.  I have seen one power the
>Steve Tamandli E-mod(Is taht correct Jeff?) autocross Fiero.  This one is
>poked out to 5 lites, and has a Holley projection EFI system.  That car
>flies.  It's kinda like a Formula Atlantic with a Fiero body and a big,
>light V-8!  Hey, maybe one of those would fit in a 5KCSTQ?  hehhehheh...

Spot-on Graydon,

	My Mom had one in a '63 Buick Skylark conv. when I was a kid; hell, I
learned to drive in that car and my Dad's '59 T-bird. That aluminum engine was
really remarkable for its time: 215ci for 200hp or there was a rare
supercharged/turbo'd(I forget which) that was rated at 245hp. Two people could
easily pick up the engine. That car served all four kids in my family and the
engine never complained. A few years ago it was rumoured that a fellow in
Canada was taking those engines, cleaning them up, if the water jackets were
still good(phosphate and aluminum:-() converting 'em to four bolt mains,
balancing and blue printing 'em, stickin' on twin turbos and dropping them into
older Lotus espirits(sp?). I guess they were making in excess of 600hp yet
still maintained the Espirit handling qualities. Any of our Canadian members
ever hear of these cars?

      As far as putting one into an Audi, the engine MAY(I don't know) weigh a
lot less than the 5cyl. There was still lots of hop-up equipment available for
this engine from 'merican hot-rod suppliers back in '85 when my Jag mechanic
and I modified a guys TR8 that had ingested some brass parts from it's
induction system rendering that system useless. We cleaned out the cylinders, I
forget whose intake manifold we used(I don't think it was Edelbrock) and stuck
a Holley 600cfm on it. It took a while to get the jetting dialed in, but once
we got it you could light up the rear tires from an easy cruise in 3rd gear
just by flooring the "exhilarater" pedal. The owner was quite pleased as the
drivability of the car was greatly improved. Louisianna didn't check emissions
in those days; that could be a problem!!! But yes, that engine in league with a
quattro system would be an interesting combination in a light weight vehicle.

	I apologize for my digression, but Buick should never have gotten rid
of that engine, it was Rover groups gain...If memory serves that engine also
powered the Morgan Plus 8 and the MGB V8 that never made it to the US. The
British have used it wisely.

					Happy motoring,


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