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RE: Running for office?


If you are able to effect the kind of change your letters indicate you
are in favor of, which happen to coincide with the way I think QCUSA
should be run, I may join. I can't vote for you, unless QCUSA uses
Chicago precinct rules (vote early and vote often).


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>Subject: 	Running for office?
>Having never sought elected anything before, I'm as surprised as anyone
>I am considering asking my name be submitted to QCUSA's Nominating
>as a potential candidate for the upcoming elections.
>On the one hand, I believe the whole nominating process stinks and I
>have no
>desire to be a part of it; on the other hand, I really think the
>easiest way
>to help address the many problems I have with QCUSA is by working
>and not outside-in.  This means running for a seat on the board and the
>way to do that is by working within the system, ill-considered though
>it may
>Assuming I make it past the Nominating Committee, would anyone be
>willing to
>vote for me?  Outside of the Q-List, I'm pretty much an unknown and I
>see no
>easy way to change this in the short amount of time that's available
>... I'm
>not really sure how one goes about campaigning anyway ("a turbo in
>every car
>and a hydraulic lift in every garage"?).
>So, what's the consensus?  Should I run for a seat on the board or
>remain an
>outsider to preserve my independence?  Let me know what you think since
>have to make a decision fairly quickly...
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