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Re the RS2 in Pennsylvania:    Whenever  I am in  my law firm's Frankfurt 
Office (yes, I am a lawyer, and yes, I hate 80% of them as well) or when I  am 
otherwise in Germany, as you can imagine, I am always scouting between meetings 
for interesting cars.  It was there that I came to know the RS2, and 
subsequently read about them in some of the European car magazines.  As most of 
you know, this is the Audi 90 quattro wagon sent to Porsche for muscle 
building.  (Since I don't remember all the specifics of the car and would have 
to dig out one of the magazines, please jump in with specificity that I don't 
remember or get wrong.)  The car's engine has been prepped by Porsche to turn 
out 300 hp.  "Powered by Porsche" --I think those were the words-- is emblazoned
  across the engine.  Visually, the most distinctive change is a set of Porsche 
Cup wheels with the red Porsche brakes. An S4/S6 type instrument  panel and  a 
set of Recaro seats in bright blue and black complete the visuals along with 
appropriate badging. ( I will get a magazine out so I can be a little more 
specific if one of you don't lay it out better first).  Now that everyone knows 
what this little beast is, here is the story on the one in the US.

I was driving along Route 65 from downtown Pittsburgh back to my wife's 
business in Sewickley, a block from Sewickley Porsche-Audi, when I noticed 
directly in front of me an RS2.  Now I knew that none were imported and I also 
know that it is a whole different ballgame now (read virtually impossible 
compared to the mid-80's)  bringing in cars not originally certified for US 
sale by the manufacturers, but I knew that Paul O'Neill had an A8 for the last 
year (see earlier message), I saw a BMW Z1 in Monterey, heard that Bill Gates 
has a 959, etc., so who knows??  Any way, being a determined guy, I figured the 
car was heading for the Audi dealer, so I would follow and introduce myself.  

The car parks in front of the Audi dealership and the driver gets out.  I 
immediately pull up behind him and get out, saying that I hoped he would not 
feel I was intruding but I had to stop and see if this was really an RS2.  It 
was, and the guy was very proud and pleased to show off his car, just like any 
of us would, to a fellow enthusiast.  The guy is a very prominent Pittsburgh 
entrepeneur who, after making zillions in the high tech field, has followed his 
personal interests and has a business developing state of the art  technology 
for computerized engine management.  Under some special exemption that lasts 
for 2 years, he has the car in the country for testing purposes.  While the 
business reason is documented and legitimate,  the guy is an enthusiast of the 
highest order.  He purchased the car new in Germany a year or so ago and drove 
it through Europe on an 8 week vacation.  He had lots of great stories about  
the trip, blowing off all sorts of exotica, etc.  The car is pearl white, one 
of two he says done in that color.   The car has Munich plates on it--no PA 
license of any kind.  I drooled like my English bulldog while I got the grand 
tour of the car, sitting in it but not getting a ride.  When I drove the block 
over to my wife's business, I found out the guy is a customer of my wife, so 
she knows him, as he has purchased  automotive and motorcycle related things at 
her business. ( Should he call her, perhaps she could offer freebies for a 
ride!!!!)  When  the two years are up, he has to take the car out of the 
country or risk having it destroyed.  He hopes to apply for some type of 
"prototype" exemption at that time.  While I am a lawyer, I am not familiar 
with those rules, but perhaps I should be!!!          

I must say, it makes me sick to focus on the cars not available here but sold 
in Europe and sometimes even Canada.  The RS2 (now out of production with the 
shift to the A4), the V8S6, shortly the BMW Z3 with the European 321hp M3 
engine (made in Greer SC and sent back to Germany for the M treatment), the TVR 
Griffith (sold in Canada), etc.etc.etc.

I would be interested in hearing of any other special Audis in  the US, even as 
nonexotic as an Audi Cabriolet with a manual.  Charlie Schliebs