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A8 Training and V8 for sale

Stopped at Phil Long European Imports, Colorado Springs, CO, yesterday.

They have two A8's, one 3.7 non quattro, one 4.2 quattro, both euro 
models.  They're not for driving though, at least by the general public. 
 Seems that Audi is conducting the dealer trainings for the A8 in CS in a 
couple of weeks, thus the presence of the A8's at Phil Long.  Can't 
confirm any of this, just repeating what the dealer said.  He also said 
they will have at least one US spec A8 in time for the training.

Also, they have a pristine, and I do mean pristine, '91 V8 auto with 73K 
on the odo, pearl white, black leather, asking $22,???.  Car looks to be 
in show room condition.  I did notice a few rock chips on the front 
facia, though.  The leather on the seats, even the driver's, is in new 
condition.  Oh, almost forgot, the UFO brakes have been replaced with 
standard discs.  Phil Long has an 800 # 1-800-373-4158

Just my $.02 for the list.

Rusty A. Schlacke
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
'95 A6Q