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Car stickers, Audi CD

Hi all,

Has a conclusion been reached on the listmembers car sticker issue yet?
I picked up on this rather belatedly but I *would* like such a sticker on
my car... It would be the first sticker on my car actually. No dealer ad,
no country identifier, no insurance sticker, safety test sticker, badges...
took 'em all off. Even bought new license plates to get rid of old
inspection stickers when they stopped issuing them this year. So that
Qlist-sticker would stand out!

Let me know if something comes out, what to pay, how to order... I would
even like to be involved in the actual design (I'm a graphic designer by

And now for something completely different- AutoBild magazine had a short
item about a multimedia CD being sold by Audi for DM10. You could have a
virtual test drive with the A3. Cool-I want one! You can't order them
through _www.audi.de_ though. Anyone know how you can get them online, or
is my only option calling Germany?


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