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Bursting with Octane

In a message dated 96-08-23 14:23:41 EDT, you write:

<< won't drain the tank because, unless the engine is running, the pressure
 bleed off and a check valve will prevent loss of the fuel in the tank. Is
      Also.. if anybody has any suggestions before I begin installation, I
 be very appreciative. Tips.. etc? I have some roll-up ramps that I can use.
 Since the car is STILL in springfield (until tonight), I can't exactly look
 see which end should be on the lift. SO.. front or rear fellas? (and gals).
 Does this job require that I wear saftey glasses, IOW will the fuel come
 bursting out of the pipe once I loosen it? 
      Thanks everyone!
Roll ups should work, tho it's tight work at the top fittings....  Make sure
you take a couple of days to soak the fittings with WD40 so they will not
spin with the lines....  loosen the fittings slowly at the rear of the car
first, put out your smoke first, use a wide bowl or oil drain apperatti under
the rears.....  Do NOT use heat on the fittings, if they stick keep soaking
them with penetrating fluid till they do....  The install is quick compared
to the removal, a just reward....