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Battery for Key chain?


This is so we can defend ourselves from our goverment, something you r
government taught us!

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QU>> The batteries in my audi keychains are dead, and have been for some
QU>> time......they are very strange batteries that I doubt you can buy at the
QU>> local five and dime.

QU>Ten gets you one they're now illegal in the USA anyway.

QU>In Germany, ecologically dangerous battery types are widely available, with
QU>arrangements having been made for their safe collection and disposal.  In th
QU>USA, they were simply banned - irrespective of the cost/benefit payoff.

QU>Somewhere on the battery will be a type number or similar.  Post it here,
QU>let's see if anyone else has the same problem, and let's take a view on whet
QU>the UK Audi quattro Owners Club can help.

QU>In passing, we in the UK sometimes find it kinda odd that US citizens can
QU>legally own M16s and rocket launchers but not mercury batteries.

QU> Phil Payne
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