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Re: 5kCSTQ boost Q

> In message <199608260418.VAA28810@netcom2.netcom.com> orin@netcom.com (Orin Eman) writes:
> > I though a little more about it - I was only doing about 2500 rpm...
> > so I guess the turbo might be a bit slow to spool up.
> Yes.  I don't know what gear and speed are recommended for the 5000 boost test, 
> but for the ur-quattro MB it's third gear and accelerate from 55kph to 80kph - 
> measure at 80kph.

35mph to 55mph in the Bentley.  I was interested in the effect at this speed
which seemed strange!

> > It's also interesting to note that my (built in digital) boost guage
> > reads .1bar low consistently.  I'm wondering if the sensor is reading low
> > allowing the 8psi boost, a little high for stock.  I had thought it was the
> > digital readout which was wrong...
> The service documentation is very dismissive of the built in gauge.  

Yes, I was using a separate guage I had plumbed in (temporarily) in the line
to the computer.  I'm thinking the computer is also seeing .1bar low.