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Re: AC blower motor

>I recently read of someone removing the dash to replace a AC blower motor.
> That's the factory prescribed procedure, but If you are a bit more
>adventuresome, there is a much easier way.  Simply remove the plastic
>shield from in front of and above the firewall (under the hood),  remove the
>top of the plastic blower fan cage (the large cyclindrical chamber in the
>center (the blower motor is located inside the smaller concentric
>chamber toward the driver's side and this chamber must not be disturbed),
>remove the blower motor with fan after removing the c-ring retainer from the
>motor housing on the driver's side of the smaller chamber).  To remove the
>top of the large chamber, I used a hacksaw blade and a knife; the plastic is
>pretty thin.  I reattached the top of the chamber with duct tape - it has
>been going for almost two years since. 

I've done it with a method that is eaiser and less ugly than yours......  
Just crush the transfer duct between the blower housing and the A/C 
evaporater housing, then remove the blower through that.  Takes me around 
30 min's and I'm done.  No hacksaw needed.


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO