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Re: Wheels/tires revisited

Bob D'Amato wrote:
> I made some calls today for my Borbet Type C's in 16" for my 20V. I need
> tire size 205/45-16 which SEVERLY limits my choices in tires. Here's what
> Im stuck with:
> Dunlop Sport 8000
> Conti CV91
> P0
> P700
> P7000
> Yok AVS Intermediate.
> IMHO NONE of these are good tires. Am I screwed? Should I just go with
> stock 15"? Recommendations?
> Bob


I went through the same thing when I bought 15" Borbet Type C's for my
GT.  I determined that the little extra sidewall was worth the
protection for the wheels.  Not to mention the tremendous difference in
tire prices!  I had been running the 15 inchers with Dunlop D60A2's in a
205/50-15 and they worked well on both the street and the track.  

However, they were stolen off of my GT sometime early Friday morning, so
if anybody tries to make you a really good deal, let me know!  <grin>  
At least I was able to round up a set of stock wheels for $100 so that
the car isn't sitting on the ground anymore.  Now . . . To replace the
steering column they bent . . . 



'85 Coupe GT
Welches, OR, USA

Gary G. Erickson
Business Solution Integrators, Inc.
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