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5KS Chrome strips above rear bumper -- how to remove?

-- [ From: Kevin J. Morris * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

My '86 5KS is developing some rust around the area just above these strips. 
I'd like to sand the rust off and touch up these areas, but to really get at
them I need to remove the chrome strips themselves.

They are held on by nylon bolts.  I was able to remove the bolts along the
rear of the car, but now that I've come around to the area around each of
the rear quarter panels, I'm stumped.   How the h-ll do you get a wrench in
there to remove the damned things?  Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any replies!


Kevin Morris                                 kmorris@sover.net

'86 Audi 5KS (113K -- "just broken in...")
'94 Saturn SW1 (wife's vehicle)
'87 Dodge Raider 4X4 (wife's former vehicle -- offers, please!)
'88 Ford Festiva L (what I drive when Audi is broken)