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This number is: 

a) average speed at which I drove around Europe, in km/h
b) number of cars I passed with a grin on my face
c) number of emails in my inbox this morning

answer: c :)

Just a quick note to say that I'm back.  The A4 never materialized,
but the Opel Vectra 1.6 16v I got instead did nicely, average speeds
were 140-150km/h on the highway with top speed of 190 on the German
autobahn.  I got to see the BMW museum in Munich, and stopped at Audi
in Ingoldstat but was not able to do more than drool as they were
completely closed (thanks guys...)  Weather was overall good and we
had a great time with no major problems.

More later when I recover from jet lag, but a quick thanks to Andrew
and Steve for covering for me.  The web server was a beta version
and (of course) happened to expire while I was away, but everything 
should be OK now.  Oh yes, the digest got corrupted and I fixed that
this morning but some names were lost, so feel free to resub.

| Dan |
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