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Re: Sticky clutch

>marques@nbserv2.dseg.ti.com said:

>Does anyone know why the clutch pedal on my 4kq wants to stay depressed?
>Ussually it will come back up, but sometimes it stays very low and I
>have to pull it up with my toe.  I don't feel the clutch is slipping.
>What's going on? - The pedal does seem to have a fair amount of play
>(about 1") before I can feel it doing any kind of work.


Could be the master cylinder. Try adjusting the pedal first.
Even though the clutch can not be adjusted, the pedal can.

The rod that goes though the firewall has a couple of nuts on it.
Back off these nuts and turn the rod, screwing it out, until the 
pedal play is 1/2 inch or so. That may help.

Also, there is a spring on the pedal itself that may be broken.

'86 4000CS Quattro