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Tire pressure

	2 things:  1 completely agree w/ AudiDudi's "non-flame" of the 
BFG placement on rear of the 993.  When I got my wagon, it had 2 of the 
Yok's on it, 2 D60's.  Very weird handling.  Went to 4 new 
D60's--improved a ton.  While YMMV, I have never had any luck mixing 
tires [cept on dirt].

	2  Run my D60's at 35. Slight variations in pressure are easily 
felt.  I *think* Eric runs a tad? more pressure in the black beast.  what 
say you steadi?

	BTW, my brother has some SP8000's---they are nothing short of 
outstanding.  Great tire to consider if you want a little more of 
everything, including cost.