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Strange Noises? Help!

I bought Pearl A6 Q Wagon off of showroom early this month.   I love it...except
I now have a disturbing problem.

Between 61 and 65mph I begin to hear a rhythmic hum emenating from the front of
the car.  It is quite loud.  In fact, if I had a non-Audi person in the car and
I was trying to impress them with my expensive German metal, they definately
would not be impressed.    The only thing I can think of is the tires.  At about
67 mph the noise begins to go away, until at about 72 mph the noise is gone

This is my 13th Audi, and I have NEVER heard such a thing before!  In fact, in
my S6 I'm always straining to hear some external feedback(S6 is getting too
refined, but that's another subject).

I have A4 rims and Pirelli P7000 Super Sport tires.  The tires are directional.
I still have OEM rims that I intend to put snows on.  I put my new rims on the
car before I drove it off of the lot, so I don't know if the car would make this
noise with the factory setup.

 Help would be greatly appreciated!

Steve Pitts
95.5 S6
96 A6Q Wagon