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RE: G-tech Pro performance meter

I have one for testing out my engine mod's.
It also works for testing brakes, tires and suspension.
Bassically it is an accelerometer with an integrator function.
You can do 0-60, 1/4 mile, 60-0, lateral acceleration, both
as instantaneous and sustained.  The feature I bought it
for was horsepower measurement.  Fo that you need to enter
in the car weight.  It developes errors due to air resistance
with speed, and requires starting from speed = 0.  This is
something of a problem, cause my peaky old motor doesnt start 
really huff'n good in those lower gears. In the higher gears, 
there is the wind.  Still useful, especially for relative testing. 
But HP figures are not perfectly simple.  It beats using a 
stopwatch and wathcing traffic and shifting during testing.
It will hold you result for you.  You still need a good test
track that is flat.  Hills effect the measurement.  It's not
like it magiacally calculated HP anytime anywhere.  The errors
in the integration function build, so reest and repeat is the
methodology.  Hope that helps out the curoius.

paul timmerman