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Re: CD changer for A4

At 11:21 PM 8/27/96 -0400, you wrote:

>for the indentical looking model. As far as I could tell, the model they
>installed into the car was the Alpine 601 6-disc cd changer (~$380). The

I don't recall exactly the model number, but 601 sounds familiar for the
aftermarket model.  The price is definitely the same as I was looking at
(didn't get it, though).

>guy at Circut City said that I would also need an adapter even thought
>the car is prewired (the listing in the adapter catalog for the A4 was
>there, but it didnt have a price for the adapter since the car is so
>new). I am wondering what experience anyone has had with adding a cd
>player that integrates into the existing deck. Also, can anyone confirm
>that the "audi" brand cd player for the A4 is indeed the Alpine 601?

You cannot install the 601 without the adapter (when I checked last month it
still wasn't available).  The price was supposed to be about $100.  I
believe the Clair Audi in Boston (the phone number is on the web site) will
sell you the Audi unit for $500, plus a minimal fee for the bracket.  Dan
Masi or the archives can tell you how to install it with the pre-wiring.

when you add instalation to the aftermarket unit (it can't use the
pre-wiring), there isn't an appreciable difference in cost, so I would
suggest going with the Audi OEM unit.