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list ID stickers

So here's what I've been thinking...

A while back I asked for name suggestions.  Most people liked
my idea of "iquattro" (i=internet) so here's what I would like
to do in a perfect world:

- register iquattro.org as a domain and rename the list and web
  page addresses
- create static decals that look like:

		iquattro (in the quattro font)
		   http://iquattro.org (in smaller letters)

Font color would be red for the iquattro, black for the URL,
and perhaps the 3 stripe Audi racing colors somewhere along
the side.  

For all this to happen, I would first need to clear the use of
iquattro with Audi, as well as the font and color schemes, 
apply for the domain, switch the server, etc. and it's quite
a bit of work.  I'm also sort of attached to the coimbra address
aand would like to keep it, but I realize that iquattro.org is much


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