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Re: a couple of questions

At 05:44 PM 8/27/96 -0400, you wrote:

>the fan seems to work strangely. In the supposedly OFF position, I can 
>still feel a draft of air(Is this usual ?) Also when I turn the switch 
>thru positions 1-3, I can notice no change in the behavior of the fan, 
>i.e. I can still feel the same draft as in the OFF position. And then 
>in position 4(the last position), it comes on in its full glory. Any ideas
>what I can do to find determine the problem ?

Your fan behavior is normal. The fan is always running if a/c is on
regardless of switch position. Just think of it as low and not off. I don't
know about your lack of increasing air on 1-3...

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