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Ur-quattro IM240 - passed

With my temporary license tag expiring today, I headed off to the
emissions test facility and line up in the 'fulltime 4wd lane'. When
it's my turn, the 'emissions tech' comes and gets my regitstration
card. He heads to the front of the car, scans it and then heads to
the back of the car, obviously he's looking for a badge. He returns
to the drivers door, and then scans the 'quattro' decal in the rear
side window.

ET: 'Now I know which car this is. You must be restoring it.'
Me: 'Yup.'
ET: 'I wasn't sure at first with the front air dam and grill missing.'
Me: 'Yea, my temp tags are expiring and I needed to get it through
          the system. I didn't have time to get everything back on. Even
          the dash isn't quite finished.' Showing him the ECU laying on
          the passenger floor.
ET: ' Well, it looks great. Is this a standard color for this year? Most
         of the quattros we see are orange.'
Me: 'Yes, it was a factory color, pretty rare.'
ET: 'Sure is nice. Does it have an O2 sensor?
Me: 'Yes.'
ET: 'Lets look at the dash light and then check under the hood.'

I turn on the ignition and he sees the OXS light and is satisfied. Good
thing I moved the bulb from the heated seat socket, where I had first
placed it. He then opens the hood, scans around, finds the O2 sensor
and then returns to my door.

ET: 'You must have pulled the engine for paint. Sure looks good under
Me: 'Yes, you need to pull the engine to do the job right.'
ET: 'Pull the car forward and lets start the test.'

I pull the car up into the building and head off to the waiting room. He
checks the fuel filler neck and then scans under the car for the catalytic
converter. Another jockey then drives the car onto the rollers and the
exhaust gas sampling tubes are attached. I take my place in front of the
road speed display monitor. As I am watching, the guy starts the test and
takes car to ~5500 rpm in first with WOT and then shifts to 2nd and then
takes it up to ~5000 rpm with WOT. I look at the road speed and it says
a little over 40 mph. Then the screen changes and the 'fast pass'
message is displayed. My car has passed the test.

The levels were about 25% of the assigned limit.
                         Sample            Limit
HC GPM       1.35                    5.0
CO GPM       15.55                  60.0
CO2  GPM    208.19
NOX  GPM   1.96                    8.0

This is with a sleeved kitty and dialing in the O2 duty cycle with
my trusty Sunpro hand held meter. Now, the car is valid for 2 years.
Let the tweaking begin.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com