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Re: New A4 colors, picture on WWW...

Andy Poling <andy@realbig.com> writes:
> Sean Reifschneider <jafo@tummy.com> sez:
> > There are some new colors available in '97. They're discontinuing the
> > current dark green (kind of British Racing Green), and it's being
> > replaced by something ``brighter''. In addition to that green, there are
> > two other greens as seen below.
> Now that's a damn shame.  I started out looking to get the pearlescent
> white, but it was unavailable in the configuration I wanted, and the Emerald
> Mica really grew on me over the course of 10 minutes of studying it in the
> sun on the dealer lot.  I ordered an Emerald Mica and settled back to wait
> for it's arrival.
> Since I got it, I've gotten numerous compliments on the subtle nature of the
> color and I like it even more the longer I look at it.  It's a shame they
> have to abandon the subtle colors.

Ditto.  Emerald Mica was my first choice, even more so than the pearlescent
white, and since I got mine, comments from onlookers have been universally
positive.  Perhaps the bright side of this is that it will make Emerald Mica
a "rare" and desirable color when I sell it (if that ever happens).

Ed Hanway