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RE: A4 throttle body mod (HELP)

Somehow it's not surprising to me that your dealer is unhelpful. I would
tell them that unless they shape up and start being more helpful, your
business will be going elsewhere (go up the ladder if necessary, all the
way to Audi of America), but then I have another dealership just another
15 min away by car...

Anyway, the way I understand it (the usual caveats apply) nothing you
add to or replace with non-OE in your car voids the warranty unless the
dealer/manufacturer can show that the part explicitly caused the problem
in question. In other words, if you install the throttle body from
Schaumberg (spelling?) and your engine subsequently blows up, if it
can't be shown (the burden of proof is on the dealer/manufacturer) that
it was the throttle body that caused it, you're in the clear and will
get a new engine. Provided that the actual cause was covered under
warranty, of course...

Good luck with it. Dealers! Blah!
- peter, peterhe@microsoft.com, issaquah, wa, usa
  91 200qw
  94 acura legend gs
  80 mazda 626

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i was thinking about getting the schaumberg performance throttle put
my A4Q. judging from the positive comments from people who have had it 
done, i'm pretty excited about it. the only thing is that my dealer (Don
Rosen Porsche/Audi) in philadelphia has a problem with it. they 1) 
doesn't know about it and is reluctant to even acknowledge it, and 2) 
insists that it will void the warranty if it is done. the warranty is a 
big concern for me, and both schaumberg and people who have had it done 
tell me it won't void the warranty. what is the deal? i am really 
disappointed with the way my dealer is handling this. shaumberg has been
really informative, and they told to that my dealer can call them for
specifics. my dealer refuses to call, saying that they want to "keep 
their hands clean" from this issue. the possibility of imcreased 
performance at a low cost is very tempting. so, has anyone who had this 
done have this problem? what did you do about it?

thanks for any info.