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1990 Coupe Quattro Climbs Aboard The List


I can't get any more work done because I get so much quattro mail-  this is

I have a 1990 Coupe Quattro in pretty good shape, save for a suspension mod i
did through TOTAL AUDI PERFORMANCE.  If anyone is planning on dealing with
these guys, talk to me first.  It is not a pretty thing.  I am pogoing all
over the highway.

Hopefully, Eric (Steadi Ric) is going to help me out with that and other
mods.  This is my 5th Quattro, I've owned an Ur-q, a 4000q and another 20v
Coupe q as well.  

My current question revolves around wheels.  I have gotten a string of flats
and have taken it as an omen to remove my skinny 205's (Pirrelli P6-YUK) and
go for a 16" wheel that will take 225-50zr 16's.  The P6000 which comes on
some Porsches and BMW sport packages is an awesome tire.  Velcro.

BUT-  My wheels already look so good, and the recent flock of aftermarket
wheels don't.  And- the Coupe has a 4 bolt pattern instead of a 5 (don't ask
me why) which limits my choices.  Any leads?  Anybody make the mod with good
results?  will 225's on a 16" wheel even fit on a car that has been dropped
1.25"?  Any help would be great.  I have about 1/2 billion other questions,
from headlight and foglight mods to power mods.  I did some research in the
archives and found very little on the Coupes.  HELP!!!!

Saam Gabbay

1990 Coupe Quattro, pearl white, cold weather package, 52K miles.  

PS- I have a lot of experience replacing the crappy bose stereo in this car.
 I've done it twice.  If anyone needs advice, fire away.