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Re: differential locks

   >I was studying my new Bentley last night and I discovered an interesting 
   >upgrade in the 1984 UrQ. Before I bought my used '83 UrQ I was under the 
   >impression that the center and rear diffs were separately lockable, not so. 
   >Has anyone made the conversion to the separately lockable diffs? It appears 
   >the only changes necessary are a new (i.e. late model 4000Q) vacuum switch and 
   >double the number of plastic vacuum lines to the actuators. Is the swap a good 
   >idea? Are there conditions where the center-only lock would come in handy?

   Well, I'll be doing just that swap next month.  You're correct about how to
   do it.  The parts you mentioned are all you need.  On the center only lock,
   not really.  But a REAR only lock may be quite handy.  If you've studied the
   Bentley, you already know how to make that a reality!

Actually, odd's are real good that if you own an UrQ, you have that already
(this is of course a snide jab at Audi's incredibly dumbass arrangement of
the center diff lock servo being mounted on the rear diff, and trying to
wend its control over the center diff lock via a serpetine [read: "flexible"]
cable/shaft assembly that basically doesn't work worth ****, thus giving you
basically only rear lock anyways...)