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CPU Boost control


As RDH explained so well and as my boost profile graphs indicate, initially the boost 
rises at about the same rate with  either the mechanical WG spring or with the CPU 
controlled WG  but  the rate of change (slope) is different as the WG begins to open. The CPU
controlled system provides a sharper boost transition with a little overshoot because
 it effectively acts like a stiffer spring and holds the WG closed longer right up to the
 moment when it releases the extra WG pressure and the spring takes over and opens the WG. 

Scott M. 

>glen asked about the CPU controlled Waste Gate boost profile:
>I do not understand how this could be true. So long as a 100% mechanical =
>WG's spring is holding the WG 100% closed, how could the CPU-controlled =
>WG 'help the boost rise a little quicker'?