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QC/A8 etc.

Hello all!

I've been out of the loop for a while with the Olympics (very cool) and
travel, etc.  I'm trying to get caught up, but the volume is overwhelming...

Thanks for the input on transaxle and rear diff fluids.  I went with Red Line
for both and am very happy.  Shifting is much smoother though I still
sometimes get some notchiness going from 1st to 2nd.

Replaced my P4000s (w/ only 21k - sucked after 10k) with D60 A2 205/60 15.  I
have put about 500 miles on them and am very happy.  Good performance/comfort
combo.  Wet traction is terrific - 75 mph in HEAVY rain and still glued to
the road.  BTW, I'm running 34 PSI all around.

On a side note, A8s were all over Atlanta during the Olympics.  I saw at
least 2 every day.  I love the new (?) metallic coal color that appears to
change with the light.  Audi had 3 Playmates (for real) driving identical
4.2s around to all the nice hotels and restaurants.  I'm talking seriously
HOT women in seriously HOT Qs.  They wore skin tight black dresses w/ red
Audi logos.  This is the stuff of which fantasies are made - I wish y'all
could've seen it!  They weren't allowed to give rides (I offered a fairly
persuasive argument/plea), but they were (obviously) getting a lot of people
to sit in the cars.  I'm still hoping AoA will add the "hot blonde" option to
the A8 as it's about the only thing missing from the list of standard

Now for a question.  I've been having a cold start problem for about a month.
 The car will not start on the 1st crank when cold, however it will always
start on the 2nd crank cold or 1st if the engine is warm.  1st crank when
cold will stumble around 500 RPM then stall after about 5 seconds.  Otherwise
the car runs perfectly with no idle problem, etc.  Any ideas?


Kennon Hines
1990 Coupe Quattro
Atlanta, GA