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Re: Mixed bag

In a message dated 96-08-30 14:23:56 EDT, you write:

<< 	Cats:  Isn't the solution here to have 2 seperate exhausts?  1 
 for testing and the other for, ummmm, testing?  Surely the roadside 
 AudiDudi catchers aren't *that* good, are they?  If so, how about 
 designing the exhaust so that when you see the sniffer you can pull a 
 lever and have the fumes pumped into your freshly sealed trunk--instead 
 of out where the sniffer sniffs?  :)  Get to work--vent the trunk.
>>>  The sniffers have been an available technology for years, and they ARE
that good....  I think the only argument one could make would be that one was
at WOT when the sniffer hit....  WOT is still a free HC world....  However,
if they are testing for the other items (which they prolly are), like a cat,
you are screwed....
 >>>	We have been lucky? here in Indiana regarding emissions, but I 
 hear things are a changin.
 >>>  No doubt, like hydraulic pumps, it's just a matter of time....  
>>>	Saam v. TAP:  I thought Ivor was a world champion rally driver, 
 musta had a good crew.
  >>   My exact thoughts...