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Re: Overboost problem - Hello Charlie spring users!

In a message dated 96-09-01 04:49:52 EDT, you write:

<< In message <199609010306.UAA21852@netcom2.netcom.com> orin@netcom.com
(Orin Eman) writes:
 Problem:  Orin has 1.5 bar then shutdown with WG solenoid hooked up, normal
operation disconnected.....
 > It still overboosts!  Currently I've disconnected and plugged the pipe
 > from the solenoid valve to the wastegate.  No more overboost - I'm getting
 > 5 to 6PSI boost.
Get yourself a LED and hook it up to the WG solenoid wires....   sounds to me
like you have a stuck solenoid....  If you bypass the solenoid all together
and run the hose from the t-body directly to the top of the wg, you will get
the exact conditions you describe....  If you disconnect the solenoid and
plug it from the circuit, you will get exactly spring pressure no more....
 You hook up the stuck wg solenoid and you get 1.5 boost then cutoff...
  That really means that those folks with Charlie Smith spring mods might
want to pay attention, cuz with the ground feature disabled, Orin here would
have just blown his motor....  Cuz, Orin, the stuck solenoid is really just
adding in boost pressure on top of the wg, which won't stop until the motor
does, basically no limit to boost....   The computer saved you many times
over, cuz it detected the faulty WG solenoid via the programmed boost
threshold (stock 5ktq is 1.5bar) and grounded the fuel pump....  Ck the
wiring to the solenoid (12v duty cycle, signal?), then replace the
solenoid.....  One of the problems with spring mods only...  In fact, those
of you running charlies mod, might just want to plug the solenoid (it isn't
doing anything anyhow I would bet, 'cept waiting for Orin's ordeal to blow
you up) and Phil's idea of plugging the wg is valid, tho an adjustable spring
perch might be a more exacting mod....  Orin, you did all the diagnostics for
yourself.....   Good luck, carry on...  And Charlie Smith spring users can
send the "saved my motor" donations to me, I'll forward the 20% to Orin for
being the guinee....