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Re: Spring in your Steps

On Sun, 1 Sep 1996 PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:

> Not sure the post was directed at you graydon...  Those running the solenoid

Yeah, I know, but I thought I would join the fray here adding my .02 worth.

> per Orin's prollum...  with the Spring, there really isn't a reason to use
> the solenoid, cuz it only adds boost per the WG solenoid program...  And you


> turbo map and engine dyno, the WG solenoid is actually a great concept,
> albeit not designed by audi to handle more than a small amount of addition,
> and mods dictate that the program in the computer is inadequate....  The
> trick would be to custom program the wg freq valve, based on the mods to the
> car, but I doubt that the stock solenoid can handle the desired program in a

Is that because of the electrical response of the stock solenoid or the 
flow characteristics, Scott?  I have seen the solenoids supplied with 
some of the aftermarket boost controllers from Japan (HKS, Trust, GREDDY, 
etc) and they are huge, exotic-looking pieces, but I always suspected 
that was more for show than anything.

> engineering standpoint....   Those of you running Charlies  spring without
> any other mods to the system (ala graydon) seriously consider the pull and

unh, yeah, that's right, 'no other mods'...   :-)  (Nothing major anyway)

> plug of the WG freq valve, I contend you won't notice any difference
> anyhow.....  And at least this way, the faulty solenoid won't blow your motor
> up cuz you disconnected the ck to that system (ie. the FP ground)

Very true.  I didn't notice any difference with or without the solenoid.

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