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Re: 5kCSQ Overboost problem

> Scott Mockery and I (mostly Scott) did a thorough check of all the engine
> systems on the 5kcstqw I purchased this week.  When we measured the duty
> cycle, it was about 52%, removing the oil dip stick raised this up to ~ 65%,
> but the engine did not stall.  Ned and others said that the dip stick test
> was a good way to check for leaks.  I think your duty cycle of 50-55 is

Thats degrees not %.  It's too lean for my liking - especially since
the computer will set it to 60% for 'enrichment'.  I won't be getting
any enrichment when it's needed.  I'm going to go buy yet another
adjuustment tool.  I keep losing these things.

> fine.  From what you said, it sounds like you have isolated the problem to
> the wastegate frequency valve.  I seems like the computer is routing more
> pressure to the top of the wastegate allowing you to get more boost and thus
> overboost.  How much boost are you getting?

I've seen 1.6 on the dash meter, 10psi on a guage plumbed in at the computer.
I went thru those hoses again today.  They aren't blocked.  The solenoid
isn't leaking.  The hoses are connected correctly.

Only one thing - the port on the wastegate won't hold pressure or vacuum...
perhaps I have a problem with the wastegate.