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Re: 5kCSQ Overboost problem

In a message dated 96-09-01 20:37:27 EDT, you write:

<< Only one thing - the port on the wastegate won't hold pressure or
 perhaps I have a problem with the wastegate.
Then altho my post was too off, the same result is there....  Now you are
describing the symptoms of a ripped wastegate diaphram, in which case the
boom theory still applies, tho I have a hard time believing that a
significant rip wouldn't cause more prollums....  If the WG diaphram is
leaking then you have a vaccuum prollum, the WG spring will still bleed while
the diaphram is ripped (tho I doubt in a big bleed), but your turbo is prolly
at a 2.0 pressure ratio to make up that rip....  Take the big line off the
bottom of the WG, Put a pressure guage to the top of the WG....  Add some
pressure to the bottom of the WG, does the guage read increase, then you
ripped the diaphram (this can be done as an in the car procedure, BTW) ....
 If this doens't happen, then the solenoid should be the focus...

As, always, hope this helps....