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Phil Payne & Lights Q?

In message <c=US%a=_%p=CHARTER%l=FREEDOM-960902004947Z-4821@freedom.charter.com> "Duff, Ian" writes:

> Various rumblings recently here on the list have it that wicked
> (technical term) high power bulbs will melt either the electrical socket
> or the reflector, can't remember which.

I have an add-on wiring harness.  This adds a small relay and fuse holder that 
sits in that nice large open space in front of the main radiator.  The stock 
sockets are all detached, with one of the main headlight sockets from the 
existing wiring plugged into the new harness to control the relays.  The new 
harness is plugged directly into the alternator, with the stock connector 
plugged in on top of it piggy-back style.  The connectors on the new harness 
are ceramic and the wiring is pretty damn robust.  I haven't worked out how the 
relay panel works, but there are three relays and three fuses.

My only other change has been to replace the screws fixing the right headlamp 
with Allen screws, which are easier to remove and replace quickly.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club