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Hydraulic suspension

In message <960902175952_75363.2524_EHI118-2@CompuServe.COM> Joe Yakubik writes:

> I think you'd have to lump an "electro-" in front of the "hydraulically
> operated" suspension in Biela's A4Q.

Not in last year's.  I sat in it for a couple of hours three weeks ago, and 
thoroughly investigated _all_ of the technology.  The front and rear suspension 
adjustments were two 3" diameter knobs on the left of the central control 
panel, inconveniently positioned for me but perhaps OK for Biela, who is huge.  
They sure looked like differential flow valves.

> I'm not sure about the exact set-up or management thereof, but the switches 
> are there, and are labeled "Vorne" und "Hinten"  and I don't think they're 
> there for the windows...

Well, the old system would have been inconvenient to operate during a race.  
The total suspension travel, BTW, is only three centimetres or so, and more 
than 50% is tyre elasticity.  The "suspension" as such has a travel of not much 
over a centimetre.

Phil Payne 
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club