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At 10:50 PM 9/3/96 UT, you wrote:
 I have no ideas where it 
>comes from. I don't think the ECU is bad because sometimes it's running well. 
>The fuel pump seems to work. Every sensors and switches seems all right.
>I need help, I'm desperate ! The car is so pleasant to drive when it runs, and 
>so annoying when you've a hard time to pass a Civic DX... 
>	Did anybody have the same problem ? 
>					Pierre.    
If you want to sell it cheap, I'd like to buy it. ;)  But, before you sell
it, I'd check the ground point at the passanger side shock tower.  Check
first to see that the bolt is tight.  Then remove the bolt and clean off the
brass surface of the ground connectors.  Then retighten the bolt.  Check
your other ground points (I don't remember where they are; check your
Bentley Manual).  This is one of the problems I had, a very intermittant bad
running problem.  Good luck.


John Karasaki

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