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In Linda's defense, was: Audi's For Sale! - Next to no Audi content!

Try faxing her at 415.856.0648 if you are looking for prices or
availability or whatever. I've had great luck doing this.


Ian Duff, 1990 Coupe quattro 20v, Red/Black

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>Mark (& others);
>Your comment:
> Yea but  -  did you catch the article on the Boxster??????  I didn't
>  Essentially goodbye Audi.  Goodbye waiting on hold for 10+ minutes
> Linda.  Goodbye to answers such as - Oh that's an 857- part it'll cost
> $XXX.XX. - Too bad we'll have to order it - how bad do you want it???.
>  Goodbye - my name's  Schaumberg Audi how can I screw you??  
>I have heard alot about having difficulty getting to Carlsen, and it is
>reason I won't deal with them.  I have been purchasing both Porsche and
>Audi parts from Hoehn (also in La-La Land, 1-800-984-6346).   I get
>through, and have no difficulties with orders (then again, 90% of the
>time I
>tell them the part no. from the microfiche).  Prices are 25 - 50% below
>list (don't have normal Audi part prices for comparison, but the
>Porsche bra was $92 vs. $120 list and $90 for a Colgan bra from 
>cheapest aftermarket parts house).  Give them a try; why put up with
>Your comment:
> Mark
> Owner of Audis for 14+ years  
> Current owner of 2 audi quattros
> Presently holding a deposit on a Boxster
>   >>
>If you think that your days of getting sc**wed by dealers are over once
>get a Boxster, think again!  "Autoweek" said that the engine
>was practically sealed, so you might have the joy of paying $200 -300
>for a oil/filter change (the 993 is the most incredibly complicated
>setup I 
>have ever encountered; you have to take off body panels, engine/
>transmission shields, hot air ducting, jack the car up & down, etc.) 
>YOU PAY FOR ALL SERVICE; Porsche does not have anything like
>the Audi Advantage program where they pay for ALL service for the first
>2 years.  Also, shop manuals are several hundered dollars from Porsche 
>and I do not see any alternates out there for newer cars.
>Good luck with the Boxster; I'm sure you'll love it.  However, keep a
>thousand dollars in the piggy bank for maintenance.  Also, hope that
>aren't a guinea pig for ironing out the first year "bugs" in Porsche
>Might suggest signing onto Porsche user's list ( check them out at
>Ray Calvo
>1990 Coupe Quattro
>1995 Porsche 993 (owned 911s ever since 1976)