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Cat Converter for grey market car

Although this is not for my audi, I hope someone has had a similar 
experience and can help.  My mother in law has a grey market Jaguar '86 
XJSC and it needs a new cat. Origional was welded on at the port.  She 
took it into her shop due to problems she was experiencing.  They had 
to cut the cat open to inspect the inside.  It was shot and she needs a 
new intermediate cat.   

Of course a new cat through this independent shop is $600. I asked the 
local Midas if they work on grey market cars and they didn't want to 
have anything to do with it. My local shop says independent muffler 
shops can put a universal cat on for a few hundred bucks, don't need to 
go with an official Jag part. 

If this were one of our Audi's would you want to go that route or would 
you rather get an origional from one of our vendors?  Appreciate any 
opinions or suggestions.

89 200tqw